While many of us are a little scared of a bee’s stinger, it’s important to keep in mind how wonderful bees can be. Unfortunately, the bee population is dying out. America lost 36% of its bees since 2007. Colony Loss Disorder is causing these rapidly decreasing numbers. CLD occurs when most of the worker bees disappear and don’t come back to their hive.

It is our responsibility to protect the bees and prevent them from reaching extinction! You can do this by planting flowering plants and veggies in your own garden, especially daisies, willow trees, and many herbs. The truth is…there are a ton of benefits to keeping bees!

Did you know that bees pollinate flowers? When bees fly to a flower to sip nectar, they get pollen on their abdomen. Bees then fly to other flowers to snack on a different type of nectar and carry that pollen with them. This process is called pollination and it’s the reason we have 1/3 of the food we eat today!


The bees at Fern Hollow are very well cared for! Someone comes to FHNC to check for health and parasites such as mites and other diseases every two weeks. Occasionally, FHNC is visited by a state bee inspector. If you or someone you know is interested in keeping bees or if you simply want to learn more about the process see burghbees.com

If the building is open, head to the back room and take a closer look a the bees in action in our observation hive!