QV Creekers – Environmental Science Internship

This after-school environmental science internship program is offered to Quaker Valley High School students grades 9 through 12.  Interns work in collaboration with environmental educators from Fern Hollow Nature Center, Creek Connections of Allegheny College and Little Sewickley Creek Watershed Association to biologically and chemically monitor the health of the Little Sewickley Creek throughout the school year.  Interns will receive training and skill development with water monitoring equipment and work alongside visiting environmental professionals in the fields of geology, herpetology, botany and ichthyology. Interns will also collaborate with other local groups to organize community events to benefit the creek.  Some of these events might include: tree planting & erosion control projects, invasive plant removal, reptile and amphibian surveys, creek clean-up events, fish species inventories, trout stocking etc…  Throughout the year, interns will work as a team to create and design a group research project.  They will set up an experiment, collect data and analyze results for this project.   The group will present the results of their project at an annual student research symposium sponsored by Creek Connections of Allegheny College.  Over 300 local students will attend this symposium from various schools throughout western, PA.  Students who complete this internship will receive ½ elective credit upon successful completion of the internship through Quaker Valley High School.

Take a look (and listen) to one of the projects being worked on by the creekers by clicking here. Story done by the Allegheny Front.

April 22nd
QV Creekers had a great time at the Creek Connections symposium at Camp Kon-o-kwee on April 19th 2013!  Creekers opened the conference with their documentary about the Jefferson Salamanders Project in Bell Acres!  Later the creekers ran their ow…
March 19th
On March 14th 2013 The QV Creekers helped Dr Hanna from Robert Morris University to weigh, measure and check for marks on 72 Jefferson salamanders. This is part of a study to monitor the salamander population after their mating ponds were disturbed in…
February 27th
QV Creekers will be preparing an educational game for the Creek Connections symposium in April 2013.  The game involves the life cycle of various freshwater mussels and their dependence on certain "host fishes" to disperse their young.
January 17th
On Jan 15th 2013 - The QV Creekers with amazing filmmaker Peter Heres at Fern Hollow Nature Center.  We began to piece together the opening of the documentary on the "Salamanders of Bell Acres."  The group filmed various scenes and recorded nume…
December 6th
QV Creekers are now working on a short documentary about the Jefferson Salamander Habitat Restoration Project in Bell Acres Borough!  They hope to have it ready for the Spring Creek Connections Conference at Camp Kon-O-kwee.