FHNC's Natural Outdoor Classroom

The first certified Nature Play area in Pennsylvania

Inspired by the Arbor Day Foundations “Nature Explore” program (www.arborday.org/explore), Fern Hollow's Natural Outdoor Classroom located in our White Pine Forest was constructed in the fall of 2009 and spring 2010. Certified by the Arbor Day Foundation and Dimensional Educational Research Foundation in the fall 2010, the Classoom includes:

  • Nature Play Area- includes a discovery area, challenge area, building area, creative play area, and much more.

  • Community Garden- includes six raised beds which are available free of charge to local schools, community groups and families so children can experience planting and harvesting flowers or vegetables. Each bed in the garden represented a different way or type or garden including a Three Sisters Garden, Italian Garden, and Square Foot garden. The garden area is fenced and locked from the general public and wildlife and only used for programs. The area also features berry bushes and a pumpkin patch to be enjoyed by the general public.

  • Apiary- the center has partnered with Burgh Bees to start our own hive to educate the community on the importance of bees. The area is fenced and a safe distance from the Nature Play Area and garden.