Take a look through the deer fencing at our children’s garden! You may notice how there are two different sections to our garden. The section on the right is a sensory garden used for FHNC’s school and summer camp education programs. Here we have constructed 6 raised beds where we grow different herbs, flowers and vegetables including, peppers, squash and tomatoes. The other section is a berry patch (contains raspberries and blueberries) that is open to the public.

Come back with your friends at any time to pick some fresh berries during the warm summer months! Behind the garden, you will also see two large Serviceberry shrubs. Serviceberries are also edible and they are a great native shrub to plant in your yard to attract wildlife! They usually bloom in June and look similar to a red blueberry!

Do you see that huge barrel on your right? Trace the pipe connected to it up to the roof. What do you think that is? Since, we have no running water at the children’s garden, we decided to catch rain water and save it in our 110 gallon rain barrel! This allows us to water our plants and veggies when needed. This pergola was built by Julien Robinet and his troop as part of his Eagle Scout project back in 2013.


Believe it or not the roof of this pergola is approximately 25 ft long by 5 ft wide which is 125 sq ft. For every inch of rain that falls here at FHNC, we are able to collect approximately 75 gallons of water in our barrel. (1 inch of rain falling on 1 square foot of roof catches approximately 0.6 gallons of water).