Can't make it to Fern Hollow? Let us come to YOU!

These programs are designed for classroom sized groups of up to 30 students. Upper limit of students is dependent on the program and is at the discretion of the Educator. Additional cost may be applied for larger groups.  

1 hour program is $150 and $75 for each additional program in the same day
90 minute program is $200 and $100 for each additional program in the same day
Each additional 30 minutes for any program is an additional $25.
We will also charge $0.50/mile for anything over 50 miles round trip.

*Anything within a 25 mile radius has travel included.

Fur and Feathers – grades K-3

Learn more about the warm-blooded vertebrates living in your neighborhood during this 1 hour program. Have you ever touched the fur of a grey fox, river otter or a beaver? Have you ever seen a beak of Blue Heron up close? This is your chance. Find out where they live, what they eat and what adaptations they have to help them survive better in their environment. Uncover the mystery behind these fascinating fuzzy & feathered critters. (Time: 1 hour) This is an indoor program and can be done off site or at Fern Hollow.


Maple Sugaring – grades K-5

This is an integrated science and history program where children will discover how Native Americans and pioneers made, transported and used maple syrup and sugar. Participants will act out the various parts of a tree during the hands-on “tree factory” exercise. This program blends American history, botany, chemistry and even physics into a fun, hands-on experience. (Time: 1 hour to 2 hours) This program is best done in late February or Early March.



All About Bugsgrades K-3

Examine different ways bugs fit into our local environment – from crazy camouflage to poisonous food sources. Learn to tell the difference between insects and spiders. Play buggy games like Butterfly Slurp and Bees and Honey. Try on our beekeepers outfit to see how it feels to work with bees while exploring the vital role bees play in our ecosystem. (Time: 1 hour or 90 minutes).


Geology of Pennsylvania – Grades 4-8

This program introduces students to the basic geologic processes surrounding us every day. Act out the geologic timeline. Take the rock challenge to learn about the properties of our common local rocks. Use our Groundwater Simulator Unit to understand how water flows underground. (Time: 1 hour or 2 hour)


Ecology Teambuilding – Grades 6-8

This challenge program is designed to foster team building skills for students at the middle school level. Students are broken into small groups (10-14) and asked to solve challenges based in environmental science and ecology. Challenges include topics focusing on 1) control of exotic invasive species and biodiversity; and 2) aquatic food chains and energy flow within an ecosystem and 3) environmental and human influences on survival of aquatic life. (Time: 2.5 Hours) Note – a large open space is required for this program.


Plankton Party – Grades 4-8

Explore the bottom of the food chain by learning more about our microscopic friends – plankton! Learn the difference between zooplankton and phytoplankton and how critical these small creatures are to our ecosystem. Students will create their own wet mount slides and use microscopes to examine a plankton sample from a local source. (Time 1 hour)


Mammal Mania – Grades 4-8

Examine the top of the food chain by discussing the birds and mammals that are common to our local waterways. Participants will be challenged to identify mammal skulls, pelts, bird specimens and other touchable items including the bonus Scatology section. Each item will be reviewed and discussed while the students check their answers. (Time: 1 Hour)

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