'Rent-A-Naturalist' is the perfect program for small groups of family members, or close friends.
It is a personalized and customized, nature discovery trek, just for your group.

1. Recruit your team
2. Think about dates
3. Fill out the Form

Rent a Naturalist are: 
2 hour program
• 2 people min, 8 people max
• Adult and family program
• Children must be at least 3 years of age
 Rent a Naturalist rate:
Members: $75
Nonmembers: $100
*Includes all participants
Rent a Naturalist
Special rates:
for archery and fishing
Members: $125
Nonmembers: $150
*Includes all participants
and equipment rental.
*Rent a Naturalist is a Family Program.  Adults are required to stay and participate*
You will be contacted by one of our educators upon form submission, to discuss details.
Once all parties have agreed, payment may be issued,
at which point, registration forms and paying methods will be provided.

Q: Where will our trek be taking place?
A: Anywhere in the Sewickley Valley.
Q: What information will I need upon registration?
A: You will need to offer a few dates you are available.
Q: What is the age requirement to go on a Rent a Naturalist trek?
A: Children need to be at least 3 years old to attend.
Q: Can I drop off my kids for a program?
A: No, an adult must accompany kids on their trek, in addition to our educator
who is leading the program. 
Q: What is the maximum number of participants on a trek?
A: 8
Q: What is the minimum number of participants on a trek?
A: 2
Q: Is there a fixed schedule or would I be able to make my own?
A: Our treks can vary depending on your topic and staff availability.
Q: What extra precautions are being taken to keep participants safe?
A: We are changing how our camps are grouped (you get to choose who are with). We will be spending the majority of our time outdoors. All staff (and participants) will be screened before the trek.
Q: What if there is bad weather?
A: If there is threat of thunderstorm or high winds we will reschedule your trek for another day, or offer a credit for another upcoming program.
If you would like to be contacted by one of our educators, prior to signing up,
please email us. We will be happy to call you!