Come out and play on National Get Outdoors Day!
Scavenger Challenge List
1. Crayfish chimney
2. Shale outcrop
3. Red winged blackbird
4. Leaf bigger than your head
5. Four-Leaf Clover
6. Something that doesn’t belong
(litter, invasive plant or animal)
7. Fragrant flower
(describe the smell)
8. Environmental professional working outside
(ask their permissionto take a photo)
9. Poison Ivy
10. A hole created by an animal
11. Natural Waterfall
(at least a foot high)
12. Cattails
13. Pinecone
(smaller than a quarter)
14. A cloud that looks like an animal
15. Electric car charging station
16. Gall
17. Spider eating something
18. Edible Flower
(but don’t eat it without knowing what it is)
19. Scat from a wild animal
20. Tracks from a wild animal
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 Fern Hollow Nature Center invites all families to participate in our scavenger challenge! 
Participate by posting to our social media, or by e-mail:

1. Find the items on the list  2. Take a photo  3. Post the photos to #FHNCgoday, or e-mail us.
 *Each item posted equals one entry to win!
 **Winners will be chosen randomly at the end of the day.  The more you post, the better chances to win!
***Post of items from the "Educator's Bonus" list equal an instant price.
 **** All photos posted to Scavenger Challenge most be of items on the list, only ****
***** All photos most be taken and posted on June 13th, from 6:00am to 8:00pm *****