Scout Programs

We love exploring nature with scouts at Fern Hollow Nature Center! Bring your troop or pack to Fern Hollow to experience one of our popular programs or design your own program to investigate a science or nature topic. Many of our programs fulfill a variety of badge requirements and each program can be tailored to fit your troop’s needs. Contact Susie Moffett at for more information or to book your scouting adventure today!

All About Bugs

Scouts will learn All About Bugs in this fun, exploratory program at Fern Hollow Nature Center. First, we will learn about bug lifecycles/ metamorphosis while creating a tissue paper chrysalis. Then we head outside for a Bug Hike to find some of the many bugs that call Western PA home. We will also stop by the Fern Hollow bee hives to learn a little more about the amazing honey bee then end our day with an exciting game of Bees and Honey where you help your hive collect enough nectar to survive the winter. Note – fulfills the Girl Scout Brownie Bug badge requirements.


Geology Rocks

Learn all about the fascinating world of rocks and minerals in this engaging program. Scouts will learn about types of rocks and minerals, how they are related and how they change over time. We will practice scientific observation skills while learning to identify the common rocks of PA and experimenting with a landslide simulation. We’ll end the program with a geology hike along Little Sewickley Creek then get dirty in the shale pile hunting for fossils. Note – fulfills the Cub Scout Earth Rocks badge requirement.


Bird Bonanza

Join Fern Hollow for an avian adventure to explore the varied world of birds. We will learn what makes birds so unique in the animal world, how they adapt to their environments and some basic identification skills. Then we will head outside to put our avian knowledge to use on a bird hike through the meadow. We’ll finish up inside to explore the eating habits of the great horned owl by dissecting an owl pellet. Note – fulfills some of the Cub Scout Fur, Feathers and Ferns badge requirements.



Fern Hollow offers introductory fishing programs for scouts and their families. We provide the rods, bait and instruction on basic fishing skills so all you need to do is bring your troop for a fun time outside. Troops will meet a Fern Hollow educator at the nature center and then car pool to a private pond for the program. Limit of 20 people fishing per program.



Most people know that birds migrate in the spring time, but did you know that many amphibians do as well? They might not travel far, but their adventures are just as fascinating. Join Fern Hollow to learn more about the life history of this mysterious group of animals. This program includes a tour of a restored amphibian breeding pond and a hike to a stream where the scouts can see amphibians in their natural environment.


Maple Sugaring

This is an integrated science and history program where children will discover how Native Americans and pioneers made, transported and used maple syrup and sugar. Participants will act out the various parts of a tree during the hands-on “tree factory” exercise. Students will taste sap flowing from a real maple tree and learn how to crank an antique drill to tap a tree. This program blends American history, botany, chemistry and even physics into a fun, hands-on experience. (Time: 90 minutes or 2 hours) This program is best done in late February or Early March – will be weather dependent.

This fulfills the Daisy Clover Award requirements in the Between Earth and Sky Journey.

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