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Experiential Class with Katie L. Hall 
Wellness Workshop June 17
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Join me, Katie Lee and like-minded souls, to enjoy a unique experiential walk n' wellness combo immersion into the journey of YOU. This summer, I am partnering with Fern Hollow Nature Center to share classes on Monday OR Wednesday evenings from 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM at Fern Hollow Nature Center. Each class will offer a lighthearted, nurturing space free of judgement to support you in disentangling from your everyday stresses to relax into self, nature & community on June 17, 2019.

Through meditation, breathwork, interactive group coaching chats over a shared cup of tea, experiential activities, celebrations & nature walks you will be guided in reconnecting in flow with your aliveness, wisdom & purpose which has always been waiting for you on your unique place of personal balance; your plateau!
For more information, please, e-mail me and let me know if you have any questions or would like to know more detail.
or visit my website:  sundaliwellnesscoachingco.com
With Soulful Balance,

Katie Lee.

***Please bring appropriate shoes for walking, weather appropriate clothing, yoga mat if you like and a smile. (If you're having a challenging day, we will work on the smile together!) :)***
Welcome Tea - Let's take a few moments to enjoy some refreshing iced tea while we get situated. :) 
Circle of Celebration - Finish up your tea as we share our joys, celebrations and successes. 
Overcoming Obstacles - What struggles, fears and stresses are you bringing with you? Let's talk them out and support each other in overcoming our obstacles.
Meditative Movement - Let's take a few moments to gently move with breathing to empower our next level energy and release the energy that holds us back. 
Experiential Exercise - This will change each week, but will be used as a short coaching session with various intuitive exercises for the group. As needed we will focus on individual needs, work in pairs, small groups or full group. We will create action steps unique to you to fuel your growth for the coming week. 
Trail Walk - Let's take a walk to breathe in the nourishment that nature provides us and allow our minds, bodies and spirits to find their soulful balance. Where appropriate, bare feet are encouraged!
Ah-Ha Moments & Wrap Up - Enjoying the peace and calm of nature, let's take some time to reflect on our 'ah-ha' moment(s) of the day. Enjoy them silently or share with our group. Then, let's enjoy a silent mindful minute before we close class for the evening and head back to our week.
To provide a quality experience and any needed materials, the fee for each class is $20. To make registration effective and to gain the most from our time, you are encouraged to register in advance.