After-School Natural Science Programs

 Join Fern Hollow Staff for an After-School Program Dedicated to Natural Science!

We will learn all about the world through hands-on science experiments,
interactive games, and independent research. 

These programs are 90 minutes in duration and are held on the grounds, in the area parks
and often in the region’s vast creek system. 

Come with your group and enjoy our varied array of On-site Field Trips,
or, let Fern Hollow come to you! 

See Fern Hollow’s After-School Programs and descriptions listed below.
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Discover what the world looked like while the dinosaurs dominated the earth! Join naturalists from Fern Hollow Nature Center and learn about Dinosaurs and prehistoric wonders. Learn about the Mesozoic era through hands-on activities, engaging presentations, and immersive experiences that bring the world of paleontology to life!

We will take a closer look at the 3 basic groups of rocks- Igneous, Sedimentary & Metamorphic.

Students will use scientific geology tools to identify, group, test, and investigate examples of each type. Take a closer look at sands.

Did you know plastic is one of the biggest pollutants in the world? Microplastics are small (<5mm) plastic fragments that come from a variety of different sources and have harmful effects on ecosystems.

Join experts from Fern Hollow Nature Center to identify, test, and extract microplastics from local water samples. By participating, you can help find solutions to real-life scientific challenges and protect local ecosystems.

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Landslides, hurricanes, earthquakes, and wildfires are all considered natural disasters.

Discover how these natural disasters occur, what kinds of damages they wreak, and how to identify the early signs of changes.

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Discover similarities and differences between plant and animal cells using microscopes with experts from Fern Hollow Nature Center.

Build your own cell, identify the parts of cells, and learn all about their functions through games, interactive activities, and projects!

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Are you interested in learning about how you can help protect the environment and create a more sustainable future? Gain the knowledge and skills you need to make a difference for the environment by learning all about renewable energy, sustainable habits, and waste reduction.

Discover what happens to recycled glass, up-cycle something you don’t use anymore, and learn about reducing your carbon footprint. Your actions can make a difference every day; join educators from Fern Hollow Nature Center to learn how!

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Join experts at Fern Hollow Nature Center to learn all about watershed science! During this program, students will learn how to identify and maintain healthy watershed ecosystems through various hands-on scientific experiments in the classroom!

Test water samples from the creek, identify macro-invertebrate animals that live under rocks, and use the stream table to watch geological processes in action.

Experimental Science

How do bottle rockets work? What makes the best rocket?

Explore action and reaction forces and learn all about the laws of motion by designing, building, and testing bottle rockets!

Learn about chemical reactions by making your own slime and ooblek.

Explore different states of matter, what makes a chemical reaction, and basic chemistry concepts through hands-on experiments!

Have you ever wondered why we salt the roads after a snowstorm? Or why do no snowflakes look the same?

Make your own ice cream, test the melting points of ice, create snow art, and learn all about the chemical processes of snow and ice!