The History and Science behind
Maple Sugaring

Join educators from Fern Hollow Nature Center to learn more about the history and science of Maple Sugaring! Discover how the process of Maple Sugaring has changed over time and has been perfected into a science.

This program blends American history, botany, chemistry, and physics into a fun, hands-on, and tasty experience. Try Fern Hollow’s exclusive “Sugar Maker’s Sundae” and spend the morning learning the importance of maple trees in Pennsylvania.

  • Saturday March 11, 2023
  • 10 AM to Noon
  • Family Fee (max of 4 people):  $16   
  • Individual Fee (1 person):  $6
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*No tickets will be issued. A reservation under your name will be at the event’s entrance.
**Requests for refunds will be accepted up until five (5) days before this program begins. Refunds will be the full amount, minus processing fees and issued via PayPal.